CADILLAC | Escalade IQ Debut

For the Escalade IQ launch, we used atmospheric ink dynamics from a cloud tank to bring in the brand’s chosen color palette to life behind and around the vehicle. I was the cinematographer on both the background plate shoot, as well as the studio shoot in which they were used. 

NF FORWARD DETROIT | Award video demo

An all-practical macro shoot of various chemicals to represent brain activity.

Doctor Roger Packer, whose “head and heart” is regarded as one of the greatest combinations of modern science and human compassion today, was recognized at the beNeFit XI ceremony with a video. This is a short highlight of some of the macro dynamics art that I shot for the video about a week before flying out to shoot the main video.

The text was also printed on transparency and filmed through a fish tank full of water to create an organic feel. 

FATHER THE FLAME | Feature documentary – Universe Sequence

A variety of chemicals and fluid dynamics were used to create the climactic sequence in Father the Flame documentary (2018). 

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Multiple shots composited from a fast-moving cloud tank, with lightning effects added. 

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